Mechanical Forces
in Development

Next meeting:
Keynote Address
4 pm Thursday May 22
Armenise Amphitheater, Harvard Medical School
200 Longwood Ave, Boston

"Measuring the Forces that Center the Mitotic Spindle using Magnetic Tweezers"
Howard Ph.D.
Eugene Higgins Professor, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemisty
Yale University

Previous Meetings:

March 20 2014
"Surface-Free Force Spectroscopy Using Elongational Flow," Yan Jiang, Wong Lab (HMS)
"Flow-dependent vascular identities," Guillermo Garcia-Cardena, Garcia-Cardena Lab (HMS)
"Insect wing designs for mitigating collision damage," Andrew Mountcastle, Combes Lab (Harvard)
"Pushing Pulling Tip Links to the Limit," Mounir Koussa, Corey Lab (HMS)

January 23 2014
"Binding of von Willebrand Factor to Platelets," Nathan Hudson, Springer Lab (HMS)
"Imaging the mechanobiology of stretch in C. elegans," Jeffrey Bouffard, Cram Lab (Northeastern)
"Physical cell compaction controls development and cancer progression," Tadanori Mammoto, Ingber Lab (HMS)
"Identifying Mechanical Cues in Embryonic Tendon Development to Direct Engineered Tissue Formation," Catherine Kuo, Kuo Lab (Tufts)

November 14 2013

"Morphogenesis of the avian gut," Nandan Nerurkar, Tabin Lab (HMS)
"The novel embryonic signal Toddler promotes cell migration during gastrulation" Andrea Pauli, Schier Lab (Harvard)
"Tectorial membrane waves control spread of excitation and tuning in the cochlea," Jon Sellon, Freeman Lab (MIT)

September 26 2013
"New electron microscopic views of the ER," Mark Terasaki, Terasaki Lab (UCHC)
"Modelling ER morphologies: tubules, sheets and helicoids" Tom Shemesh, Rapoport Lab (HMS)
"Phospho-regulation of myosin controls ratcheted cell contractions," Claudia Vasquez, Martin Lab (MIT)
"Tumor cell extravasation in an in vitro micro vascular network platform," Michelle Chen, Kamm Lab (MIT)

2012-2013 season

May 30 2013
"Sculpting the Inner Ear: Unconventional roles for a conventional molecule," Lisa Goodrich, Goodrich lab (HMS)
"Morphogenesis of the surface cell layer by geometrical and mechanical control of cell shapes," Fengzhu Xiong, Megason lab (HMS)
"Control of cell shape in the Drosophila eye," Steven DelSignore, Hatini lab (Tufts Medical)
"Aquaporin regulated flux in C. elegans tubulogenesis," Liakot Khan, Gobel lab (MGH)

March 21 2013
"Mechanobiology of vascular dynamics," Lance Munn, Munn lab (MGH)
"The role of Kinin-Kallikrein signaling in craniofacial development," Laura Jacox, Sive lab (MIT)
"Tumor normalization by embryonic extracellular matrix," Ashley Gibbs Bischof, Ingber lab (Wyss)
"Development of cell shape in C. elegans," Claire Williams, Heiman lab (HMS)

January 24 2013
"Physical forces in collective migration," Jae Hun Kim, Fredberg lab (HSPH)
"Stretch-activated calcium signaling in C. elegans," Ismar Kovačević, Cram lab (Northeastern)
"Assembly of a millimeter-sized microtubule aster," Keisuke Ishihara, Mitchison lab (HMS)
"The role of force in Notch activation," Wendy Gordon, Blacklow lab (HMS)

November 15 2012
"Stochasticity and regulation in plant tissue growth," Karen Alim, Brenner lab (Harvard)
"Polar expansion and spindle positioning in cytokinesis," David Burgess, Burgess lab (Boston College)
"Extracellular matrix mechanics and composition together regulate malignancy of the mammary epithelium," Ovijit Chaudhuri, Mooney lab (Harvard)
"Physical mechanisms controlling actin network size and shape," Julian Eskin, Goode labs (Brandeis)

September 27 2012
"Actin arcs: Computational models of formation and predictions of generated forces," Tamara Carla Bidone, Kamm lab (MIT)
"Liquid transport facilitated by channels in B. subtilis biofilms," Jim Wilking, Weitz lab (Harvard)
"Deciphering how the Wnt co-receptor Lrp5 responds to changes in mechanical load and regulates bone strength," Ugur Aturk, Warman lab (HMS)
"Mechanical regulation of epithelial cell collective migration," Rosa Ng, Brugge and Danuser labs (HMS)

2011-2012 season

May 10 2012
"Mechanisms of basal constriction at the zebrafish midbrain-hindbrain boundary," Isabel Brachman, Sive lab (MIT)
"Tracking the motions of bacterial growth: Circumferential motion of the cell wall synthesis machinery drives bacterial cytoskeleton dynamics," Ethan Garner, Garner lab (Harvard)
"Biomechanical forces and the developing vasculature," Hiroshi Kohara, Garcia-Cardena lab (HMS)
"Actin dynamics during Drosophila gastrulation," Frank Mason, Martin lab (MIT)

March 15 2012
"Rocket-launcher mechanism of actin filament formation by APC and formin defined by single molecule observation," Dennis Breitsprecher, Goode lab (Brandeis)
"Collective cell guidance by cooperative intercellular forces: Plithotaxis," Dhananjay Tambe, Fredberg lab (Harvard)
"Measuring physical forces in living tissues," Otger Campàs, Campàs lab (UCSB)
"Cleavage plane determination in early embryos," Martin Wühr, Mitchison lab (HMS)

January 26 2012
"Cellular traction forces in 3D tissue constructs lead to patterning and spatially regulated differentiation," Darinka Klumpers, Mooney lab (Wyss)
"Morphogenesis of the vertebrate gut," Nandan Nerurkar, Tabin lab (HMS)
"The effects of interstitial flow on cell migration," William Polacheck, Kamm lab (MIT)
"Role of mechanics in engineering organized matrix: Application to corneal tissue regeneration," Jeff Ruberti, Ruberti lab (Northeastern)

November 10 2011
"Mechanical Force in Nanoscale Biology: From enzyme kinetics to single-molecule centrifugation," Wesley Wong, Wong lab (HMS)
"A Cadherin Handshake for Hearing and Balance," Marcos Sotomayor, Corey lab (HMS)
"Mechanochemical Control of Tooth Organ Formation," Tada Mammoto, Ingber lab (Wyss)
"Mechanical Architecture of the Kinetochore-Microtubule Interface," Sophie Dumont, Mitchison lab (HMS)

September 8 2011

"Morphogenesis of Drosophila leg imaginal discs," Victor Hatini, Hatini lab (Tufts Medical)
"Mechanism of actin-dependent chromosome transport in starfish oocytes," Nilah Monier, Bathe lab (MIT) 
"A biomechanical study of patterning during intestinal development," Amy Shyer, Tabin lab (HMS) 

"In toto image analysis of tissue mechanics during ear development," Kishore Mosaliganti, Megason lab (HMS) 

Contact: Max Heiman, Adam Martin, Victor Hatini